Annual Flushing Schedule

The fire hydrant and distribution system flushing program runs from June 17 through August 23, 2019.

Annual Flushing Schedule  Week by week - with street list.
This is routine maintenance operation is designed to flush sediment from the water system, check fire hydrant operation, and test chlorine levels in the water lines.

Crews will conduct flushing Monday through Friday between 7:00 AM - 4:00 PM.

Line flushing and laundry

Discolored water and fluctuations in water line pressure are normal during flushing. We suggest that you refrain from using water as much as possible or doing laundry – especially when discolored water is present.

If your water does not clear, or return to normal pressure within a reasonable time, or if service is interrupted, call the Customer Service Center, 724-776-4806.

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